About Nesbitt's Docks and Lifts

Nesbitt's Docks and Lifts serves the Land Between the Lakes region, including Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. Offering low maintenance boat docks and lifts, Nesbitt's dock builders specialize in HydroHoist boat lifts and Wahoo aluminum boat docks that are both rugged and attractive.

Custom Boat Docks

We tailor each of our low-maintenance docks to the customer's location, intended use, and budget. With a variety of roofing options and dock layouts we have the experience and expertise to create the perfect dock for you. If you're looking for a boat dock that allows you to enjoy the lake instead of worrying about maintenance, then an aluminum boat dock is for you.

Galvanized Steel vs. Aluminum Docks

A galvanized steel boat dock will save you some money upfront but will require more maintenance and tend to rust before long. Not only will painted steel docks require more maintenance, but they usually will come with a lower grade of decking to help lower the price. You will save money today by selecting a steel boat dock, but keep in mind that you will also spend time maintaining the dock when you could be spending enjoying the lake with your friends and family.

Nesbitt's Docks & Lifts prefers a low maintenance, heavy framed aluminum boat dock and gangway. The aluminum boat dock will not only provide a longer life and lower total cost of ownership, but it will also enhance the appearance of your lakefront property. Our team of engineers take every step to deliver the highest quality, highest value boat docks available while also tailoring your dock to your specific needs. And when you're looking for superior quality, we recommend the Wahoo aluminum boat dock.

Wahoo aluminum docks are stronger than other aluminum boat docks due to the combination of welded and bolted construction as opposed to all-welded aluminum docks. If you are in the market for a new boat dock and would like to better understand the differences between different dock options, let Nesbitt's help you consider the best option for you. We will build a lake dock that is beautiful, rugged, and within budget!